Shigeru Kawai SK3 Conservatory Grand Piano Ebony Polish

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Product Overview

Sit down behind the SK-3 and discover an incredible blend of rich tone and responsive touch admired by word-class pianists across the globe. The Shigeru Kawai SK-3 Conservatory Grand has been handcrafted and assembled by Kawai’s Master Piano Artisans using the finest materials and industry-leading techniques to deliver an exceptional playing experience.
It has been regarded as some of the finest pianos available.

The SK-3 is the second grand piano in the Shigeru Kawai range and boasts an incredibly rich and dynamic tone subtle touch and fantastic striking power.

Premium materials lie at the heart of the Shigeru Kawai SK-3 Grand Piano. The inner rim is a fusion of small-pore hardwoods for superior brightness and dense, large-bore hardwoods for warmth and fullness. The soundboard and underside beams are spruce, the hammer moldings are mahogany, and the bridge is maple. These patiently crafted musical instruments are an exciting joy for any professional pianist to play.

Length: 6’ 2” (188 cm)
Width: 5’ 1” (152 cm)
Weight: 736 lbs. (334 kg)
Finishes: Ebony Polish, Brown Sapele Mahogany or limited-edition Pyramid Mahogany

Features: Kawai Millenium III ABS-Carbon action ~ “Shiko Seion” hammers from New Zealand and Australian wool ~ Tapered and tuned solid spruce soundboard ~ “Temaki” Kawai-made hand wound bass strings ~ Hand notched bridges ~ Hand planed ribs ~ Thinned hammer shanks ~ Rock maple and mahogany rim ~ Bird’s eye maple inside rim ~ Agraffe duplex scale ~ Aluminum action rail ~ Nickel plated tuning pins ~ Solid brass hardware ~ 10 year warranty

Warranty Information

Every Shigeru Kawai SK-3 comes with a 10-year transferrable warranty as standard.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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